Our Beliefs

We believe that every event is different. Hence we work closely with our clients to understand their needs before tailoring the event to their requirements. We see value in bringing fun and laughter to our clients through our games as it bridges cultural gaps that may be difficult to resolve in the workplace.


Sword Tag Singapore is brought to you by Cohesion.sg and have facilitated over 500 large scale events for our clients which includes Google, Citibank and Credit Suisse. Trust us to deliver a great session to you!

Stringent Processess

All our facilitators go through many games before they are allowed to lead the games. We ensure that your event is led by competent and experience facilitators so that you can have the best Sword Tag Session.

Quality Equipment

Our equipment goes through stringent safety checks before being leased out to our clients. We believe our clients deserve only the best! Here at Sword Tag Singapore, we're commitment to making that a reality.

Innovative Games

Our innovative Sword Tag games are designed to make people of all ages smile. During each session, we play various game modes ensuring that the session is kept fresh and exciting.

Physical Games

Strategy Games

A fight to the finish, Sword Deathmatch involves teams having to eliminate each other from the battlefield.
Sword Race is all about getting your teammate to the opposite end the fastest. It’s a race against the clock!

Sword War involves team members having to gather resources from the opponent’s base. The team with the most resources wins.
Sword Boss requires teams to seek out the opponent team’s boss and eliminate him!


Ready for some Sword Tag fun?

We would love to hear from you. Our Sword Tag staff works closely with cohesion.sg to craft a scintillating event for you. Expect great fun and lots of laughs with you play different with the Sword Tag team.