Our recommended locations

We recommend hosting your games at our sheltered locations. Each location has been assessed beforehand on its suitability for Bubble Soccer.


Kovan Sports Centre

Situated at 60 Hougang Street 21 (S)538738, Kovan Sports Centre features a sheltered pitch with turf surface making for a safe time playing Bubble Soccer. Car parking is not free.


Offside (Thomson)

Located at 2 Whitley Road (S)297715, Offside is the most affordable location with free car parking available. It is a sheltered venue featuring 4 pitches with shock absorbing turf, ensuring maximum safety for our participants.


The Cage @ Kallang

Situated at 28 Jalan Benaan Kapal, (S)399635, The Cage at Kallang offers 6 sheltered pitches. Car parking is a short walk away at Kallang Leisure Mall.

Other Locations

If you do not see your locations mentioned , please contact the friendly bubble soccer staff to assess the suitability of your pitch location.

A rough guideline would be,

1. The surface of the area should not be hard or rough. Examples would be concrete surfaces, basketball ground and road surfaces. Acceptable surfaces would be astroturf, multipurpose hall wooden floorings and grass surfaces.

2.There should be sufficient electric power for our pumps. The standard power outlet would be fine. Do note that if you are using an electric generator to power the pumps, the pumps specifications are 1.8kw, 110V. Generally this requires a 16 Amps Gen Set, however this is based on our experience only. Please consult your certified electrician for advise.

3. The power outlet should be close to the playing field. After inflation, it is particularly difficult to shift the suits.

4. There should be vehicular access for transportation of the suits to the inflation area.

We’re looking forward to hosting your Bubble Soccer event! The Bubble Soccer team tries our best to ensure we can set up at any location.